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American Public Health Association - 141st Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

November 4-6, 2013


Presentation by Edward M. Stephens, MD, Foundation for Male Studies

Reframing the Therapeutic Encounter


A preface by Edward M. Stephens

Attendee Testimonial


Foundation for Male Studies - The Science of the Male, NY Academy of Medicine

Spring, 2012




Conference Synopsis and Findings

Edited video - Thursday 1

Edited video - Thursday 2

Edited video - Thursday 3

Edited video - Thursday 4

Edited video - Friday 1

Edited video - Friday 2


Foundation for Male Studies - Looking Forward to Solutions, NY Academy of Medicine

April 6, 2011




Full transcript


Foundation for Male Studies - A Consortium of Scholars, Wagner College, NY

April 7, 2010




Radio interview on WOR featuring Miles Groth


Foundation for Male Studies - The Future of Men, New York University

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

Spring, 2009




Watch Video (includes full comments by Dean Mary Brabeck, NYU Steinhardt)


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